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What and How

Our clinics supports a new therapy for ALS, coming from ‘herbs chemical medicine’. Made into a comprehensive therapy for ALS patients. You can see quick positive change in about one month.

After one month of applying this therapy, you will feel positive change, than you need to continue 3 – 6 months until you can get a report from hospital saying that your lung function and/or muscle functions strength levels are not worsening, getting stable or even getting better. This means you will keep your life. Than we will continue to keep it stable and try to make it better.

What you can do? Give us a call or sent us an e-mail to introduce the situation in which you are now.

Procedure in short:

We wil send you one of our herbal products. After you get the herbal product you will use them for one month, as the therapist will describe to you how to use the herbal product. You need to follow the advice given to you by the therapist. The herbal product in conjunction with the advice will boost the therapy. This therapy has a high success rate, almost everyone who takes this therapy is getting help.

The specialist will start to make an appointment on-line (call or Skype), once a week to handle the therapy. This therapy is NOT only about using the herbal product. It is not that simple. You will get the advice needed, like a special way to support the lung function, special nutritional advice and advice about lifestyle. Until you get your ALS stabilized and you do not need to worry about dying any more.

After this, we need to make an appointment face-to-face, you will than start another therapy to help the muscles functions getting stronger to help the limbs getting better as much as possible.

This therapy is already 17 years applied in Europe. It is rich of experience. It has a high rate of success. Until now we did not find any side effects.

Europe laboratory has proven that the product is safe.

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a neuromuscular disorder, a condition that leads to insufficient or non-functioning of the muscles. Most ALS diagnosed patients will not live longer than  3-5 years, mostly because of lung failure. You really need to start this therapy as soon as possible after you have been diagnosed with ALS. Number 1 important is to stop the lung function from degradation. Also we will stop your body from loosing more functions. You only need 1 month time to feel some improvement, than you will know you will live with the help of our therapy.

2 Examples of random clients

1st. example:

**7 June 2018 – 1st call**

A man 64 years old. Diagnosed with ALS only 2 days ago.  In the same week he would retire. He still could work but the legs were weaker. Shoulder and elbow had no power. He lay down the bed and could not get up. Other people needed to help him get up.

Fasciculations (muscles twitching) in the arms and legs. Tired very much. Already lost 30 pound. Before diagnosed with ALS he already had these symptoms for almost one year. He is tall, 5.8 feet and weighs 146 pound.

**20 June 2018 – Therapy start**

After one month he feel the fasciculations little less. Going to toilet in the night became less from 4 times to 2 times per night. Other symptoms still the same. Because other symptoms did not go worse in the first month of therapy. He felt little better. They have had a family meeting. They decided to continue the therapy.

**8 August 2018 – 8 weeks therapy**

Tired less. Fasciculation continuing getting less. Get more weight 2 pounds. The elbow and the shoulder getting some power back in comparison before. Going to New York for holiday. Walking lot with grandchildren. Got a very nice family holiday. 1stlung test report coming lung strength 79%.

**29 August 2018 – 3rd month**

He already can get up by himself. No other people need to help. Getting 2 pounds weight again. No tired.

**17 October 2018 – 4½ month**

The 5th month. Totally already getting weight 8 pounds. Follow his length 5.8 feet, from medical he should weigh 156 pound. He still need 8 pound more. Compare the standard weight what he should have, beginning of this therapy, he was very skinny. Helping patients to get normal weight is a very important part in stabilizing the ALS condition. On the other hand if people overweight to much we also can help people lose some weight to get to normal standard.

This job is not easy to do but we are very successful in it. That also proves that this ALS therapy is a very developed Technic.

**9 November 2018 – 6 months**

After 5 months of therapy. Second lung test report, strength 90%. First time was 3 months ago, it was 79%. In fact the most patient will see in the report that the lung function will not go down, but this patient  got better. He also very lucky to get extra warm help from his daughter in law his son and grandchildren. He stayed at his sons house and now he plans to go live back in his own house.  Below our progress datasheet and (from their own hospital) the 2 lung reports that PROOF that our therapy is working.

2nd example:

A woman, 52 years old, 2 years diagnosed with ALS. Her speaking was difficult to understand, swallowing was also very difficult, also the coordination between two hands was difficult.

With this in mind the lady tried to find every means possible to get help. In the end she was quite hopeless when she came to our specialist. After one year of therapy by our specialist: the speaking and swallowing was normal again, the levels of muscular strength and movement were going up a bit, the coordination between the two hands was good again. A sensation that she missed for a long time.

The hospital checked the lung function, the report proved that the lung function was getting better:

October 2016: VC3.2, PCF465

June 2017: VC3.8, PCF478

The doctor said that if the therapy would keep on going this way, she would be out of danger. All-in-all our specialist helped her stabilizing the condition of the body and some muscle levels even got better. This therapy is continuing so that she will live a good quality and happy life. For her already 100% better than it was before. With following this therapy she can keep a good life.


Before the “tracheotomy” operation we can help you. After this operation it is almost impossible to help. The reason for that is that the air you are breathing will come as cold air directly in your lung.


Before, when you breath into your nose, air gets warmed up. Air would never be colder than 86 degrees Fahrenheit when it comes into your lung. The nerves wire (not only the nerve skin) will be damaged beyond repair. We can help repair the nerves skin and the nerves wire in the beginning of the decaying process. So it is advisable to start this therapy as soon as possible after you are diagnosed with ALS.

ALS patients coming from all over the world, also they have difficulties to come to our clinic, that is why we give on-line clinic services, after your lung function is getting better we will see you face-to-face than we will start the rehabilitation therapy, if it is necessary.


The “Herbal ALS” therapy is a comprehensive therapy. It involves following:

  • 17 years of clinic experience.
  • Knowledge of:
    • western chemical medicine
    • herbs therapy theory and experience
    • herbs chemical medicine
    • herbal pharmaceutical technology
    • lifestyle of western people
  • Working experience from government hospital
  • This therapy needs to give special nutritional advise to ALS  people, need to encourage to eat different kinds of food + recommendation how to take this food.
  • Sport science.  This therapy will tell you how to do exercise. It will help people with ALS get a better physical condition. This prevents extra production of acids.
  • This therapy will also help the following symptoms:
    • leg pain
    • tingling sensation
    • fasciculations (muscle twitching), which arise as a result of spontaneous depolarization of a lower motor neuron.
    • sleeplessness
    • Tiredness etc etc…
  • Other therapies includes: acupuncture, tuina, moxa, etc, when necessary.

ALS Explanation

ALS Pathology is quiet complicated. We will try to explain it to you in a simple (understandable) way.

See picture 1. Normally the 1st nerve cell ending will fire glutamates and the 2nd nerve cell ending will receive them.

  1. Before you were diagnosed with ALS, quiet long time ago, the 2nd nerve cell ending was already not responding as it should any more.
  2. The nerve is actually a line. In fact it is a broken line with a transmitter and a receiver. The communication between these two are established by transferring signals with the help of glutamates.
  3. The brain, as the nerve center, will notice that the muscle is not responding as it should. Than the brain will tell the 1st nerve cell ending to fire more glutamates, because the 2nd nerve cell ending could not be repaired by the body to act in a normal receiving way. 
  4. This is now going in to a wrong circle and the firing of glutamates will become more and more because the 2nd nerve cell ending does not transmit the right signals. 
  5. When you got diagnosed with ALS your nerves were already soaked in glutamate acid. Than the nerve is getting damaged.

Picture 1

Key of the therapy

In fact it is the nerve skin that’s getting damaged first. “Herbal ALS” is working in your small intestines wall cells. The absorption function of the intestines will get better and get supplied with the nutrition’s due to the use of the herbal products. The nerves skin will get the nutrition’s again. The nerves skin will get sensitive (repaired) and the brain will get the right signal through the wire and will order not to shoot so much glutamate. Than the overflow of glutamate acid will slowly disappear.

Why “Herbal ALS Clinics” will help ALS

“Herbal Products” made by more than 30 kind of different herbs. Those herbs products put in different places on the body to follow different kind of meridians body. Focussing the stomach and lung meridian. When the stomache meridian gets enrgy again the small intestinal parietal cellst will absorb nutrions better and more efectively again. These nutritians wil help stop the degrading of the nerve and skin of the nerve. This is why the therapy consists of the Herbal Products in conjunction with food and lifestyle advise from our therapist.

Background of “Herbal ALS Clinics” therapy

“Herbal ALS” therapies background is a new medical science called “herbs meridian treatment”. Just like for example “Artemisinin” (extracted from the herbs “qinghao”) and its semi-synthetic derivatives are a group of drugs used against malaria. Before this invention “qinghao” herbs already used to help malaria for 2000 years. That is why the Chinese scientist “Tu Youyou”, was awarded half of the 2015 with the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery.

About Us

How We Started

Our team first started operating in 2002 by the founding of our predecessing corporation in the Netherlands, Europe which experienced rapid growth and success over the years. This lead to the establishment of Herbal ALS Clinics in early 2008. Initially the main target areas of Herbal ALS Clinics consisted of the Netherlands and Germany. Later on the United Kingdom was added to the list and our success even lead us to France. As of October 2017 our ambitions grew alongside our success and we decided it would be time to help a larger audience: the United States of America. Since October 2017 our activity in the United States has been growing and it is our goal to help as many ALS diagnosed clients in the US as we did in Europe.

Our Expertise

Each of our medical personnel has over a decade in doctor’s experience and an extensive track record of dealing with patients inside hospitals and outside. Our team has studied and researched multiple fields of medicine including: dietetics, modern western medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, and phytochemistry. This is exactly why we were able to include the necessary life style changes that are required to effectively battle ALS into our therapy. Our years of extensive research eventually lead to the effective therapy for ALS we are offering today. What we are most proud of at Herbal ALS Clinic is the user-friendliness of the main product that is used for our therapy which consists of herbal products that could be regarded as simple food supplements.

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Review for Herbal ALS therapy
I get great help. I hope more ALS patients will take this therapy.
I was diagnosed with ALS in March 2018 at age 58.  However, I already knew before the diagnoses that I had symptoms of ALS for a few years.  Once I received the diagnosis there was not much hope and I was progressing with my symptoms.  My family members wanted to help and continued to research ALS symptoms and wanted to find help. My sister researched and found the Herbal ALS clinic online.  She contacted them and immediately they stated ALS does not have to be a death sentence.  They had a treatment that could help and discussed options with her.  However, they said the whole family had to be on board to try the product.  I agreed as the news from the doctor that diagnosed me was not hopeful.  The process to order the medication and the assistance was great.  They were so hopeful and I decided to order the herbal plasters. Once I started using the herbal plasters and taking up there advice, within the first week I felt the difference.  I had been weak and could not put on my shirt, lift my arms, or brush my teeth.  I had trouble speaking as I had lost muscles in my tongue. My left and right hand did not have strength. After the first week I felt stronger.  Each week I got stronger and felt better. I regained strength to speak clearer as my tongue regained movement.  As I continued after a month I could lift my arms, brush my teeth and begin to regain movement that I had lost.  I also could hold my coffee cup as I had not been able to for a few months.  It has been amazing to see improvement and steadiness of symptoms the past two months.  I am thankful for the ALS Clinic and hopeful with their research that I will continue to improve and stop the symptoms of ALS.  I would hope that more people with an ALS diagnosis would know about the Herbal ALS clinic and get help to start changing their life. I also want to thank de Dr for believing in me and her products.  She has been very helpful with her weekly contact with me. Thank you, T.F.
Review for Herbal ALS therapy
How Herbal ALS helped improve my husband life.
Dear therapist, Alfred is using the Herbal plasters. Before he started using them he sat with his head down on his chest often because his neck was not strong enough to hold it up consistently during the day. He also used a moist heating pad on his neck often. This week he hasn’t asked for the heating pad and I haven’t seen him letting his head drop. He seems to have more energy also. He follows the therapy very strict and dedicated. We are very excited about the improvement, and hope to see even more improvement. C. and A. A  
Review for Herbal ALS therapy
Breathing, eating and swallowing better
I have been experienced muscle weakness in my limbs since January 2018. It started with lack of sleep. Then I had trouble swallowing, breathing and always felt tired. In March 2018 I started taking the therapy, from Herbal ALS clinic. Now I do not feel tired any more. No trouble with breathing also swallowing and chewing food is much better. So short in the therapy and it feels like that my ALS condition will get stabilized and will not get worse.  Less muscle twitching (fasciculation) (what a relief!). Thanks, A.M
Review for Herbal ALS therapy
Could open my business again. Thanks to this therapy.
Patient: 58 yr old male Beginning 2017 I started getting fasciculations (muscle twitching). In 1 year it was getting worse and more. Even my tongue, even in my sleeping time it was bothering me. Later EMG proof this was ALS. January 2018 I start the therapy with "Herbal ALS clinic" online. Only after 1 month the fasciculation were getting less. I can sleep again. After 2 month 40% of the fasciculations has gone. In the same time because so tired my business had to stop. After 3 month of this therapy the tiredness was completely gone. I could open my store again. With this great help my business could continue. My wife much less worry that I will pass away. Together with my wife and children now the future doesn't look so dark. Thanks so much. S. and T.  
Review for Herbal ALS therapy
Everything going better
After 2 years having ALS, I first time feel better just after 1 month with this therapy. Less tired, sleep getting good. Legs pain gone. No cold hands or feet. of course I will continue this therapy. After 3 to 4 month my arm was getting stronger. My wife hold me and I was able to walk. I also
Review for Herbal ALS therapy
72 year old patient get great help
My name is R. H., I am speaking on behalf of my father in law. In his words for reference for Herbal ALS clinic medicine and what it has done for me R. P., as of now after 2 months of medicine, here is how I find my results, a little bit more strength and my nerves are a little more controlled. Clearly the fasciculation becoming less. In the beginning the swallowing of food was getting difficult and now it is not a problem any more. The weakness in my hand is also gone. And feel a little better. As of now this is all I can verify Thank you ALS herbalist Sincerely, L.
12 reviews « 1 of 2 »