Could open my business again. Thanks to this therapy.

Review for Herbal ALS therapy
Could open my business again. Thanks to this therapy.

Patient: 58 yr old male

Beginning 2017 I started getting fasciculations (muscle twitching). In 1 year it was getting worse and more. Even my tongue, even in my sleeping time it was bothering me. Later EMG proof this was ALS.

January 2018 I start the therapy with “Herbal ALS clinic” online. Only after 1 month the fasciculation were getting less. I can sleep again. After 2 month 40% of the fasciculations has gone. In the same time because so tired my business had to stop. After 3 month of this therapy the tiredness was completely gone. I could open my store again. With this great help my business could continue. My wife much less worry that I will pass away. Together with my wife and children now the future doesn’t look so dark.

Thanks so much. S. and T.


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