I get great help. I hope more ALS patients will take this therapy.

Review for Herbal ALS therapy
I get great help. I hope more ALS patients will take this therapy.

I was diagnosed with ALS in March 2018 at age 58.  However, I already knew before the diagnoses that I had symptoms of ALS for a few years.  Once I received the diagnosis there was not much hope and I was progressing with my symptoms.  My family members wanted to help and continued to research ALS symptoms and wanted to find help. My sister researched and found the Herbal ALS clinic online.  She contacted them and immediately they stated ALS does not have to be a death sentence.  They had a treatment that could help and discussed options with her.  However, they said the whole family had to be on board to try the product.  I agreed as the news from the doctor that diagnosed me was not hopeful.  The process to order the medication and the assistance was great.  They were so hopeful and I decided to order the herbal plasters.

Once I started using the herbal plasters and taking up there advice, within the first week I felt the difference.  I had been weak and could not put on my shirt, lift my arms, or brush my teeth.  I had trouble speaking as I had lost muscles in my tongue. My left and right hand did not have strength. After the first week I felt stronger.  Each week I got stronger and felt better. I regained strength to speak clearer as my tongue regained movement.  As I continued after a month I could lift my arms, brush my teeth and begin to regain movement that I had lost.  I also could hold my coffee cup as I had not been able to for a few months.  It has been amazing to see improvement and steadiness of symptoms the past two months.  I am thankful for the ALS Clinic and hopeful with their research that I will continue to improve and stop the symptoms of ALS.  I would hope that more people with an ALS diagnosis would know about the Herbal ALS clinic and get help to start changing their life. I also want to thank de Dr for believing in me and her products.  She has been very helpful with her weekly contact with me.

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